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The story behind us.

The inspiration behind our clothing brand is deeply rooted in a promise and a dream. Not long time ago, I lost my grandmother, a woman who was everything to me and who held a goal of owning a store and sharing her love for clothes. Her passion became my motivation, pushing me to create this brand as a tribute to her memory. Every t-shirt we design carries a piece of my life, experiences, and the profound lessons she taught me. She holds a place in my heart forever, and through this brand, I feel like she is still present with me. Through these deep and meaningful designs, I aim to connect with others who find resonance in these shared human experiences. This brand is not just a business; it's a fulfillment of her dream through me, keeping her spirit alive in every piece we create. We strive to inspire, comfort, and connect people through our designs, making each t-shirt a testament to the love and inspiration that built our foundation. "Us" is more than a brand, it's a legacy of love, dreams, and the pursuit of living a life true to oneself, just as she wished for me.

– Eliano, founder of Luxeshade


Introducing our 'Heaven Is Lucky'T-shirt, where every stitch carries a story of love, loss, and the eternal connection between heaven and earth. Behind this design lies a tribute to my angel 'Hayoum' who forever guides my path, shaping who I am today. Embrace the gratitude, cherish the memories of your lost ones, and wear their spirit proudly.


Life Story

Introducing our "Life Story" T-shirt, it lies the essence of lived experiences, the highs and lows that shape our journey.



Wrap yourself in the allure of our best-selling T-Shirt – a perfect blend of comfort and style. With its captivating design, this T-Shirt is not just an outfit; it's a statement of love that you'll proudly wear.


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